Chieh Liu

Chieh Liu CEO Overbit: Trading Bitcoin Derivatives With Leverage

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Eric Sciberras
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Chieh Liu is CEO of Overbit. In this chat we discuss the difference between working in Asia compared to North America, FX vs crypto markets, how leverage trading works, how Overbit is sourcing liquidity, what a CFD is, how derivatives can impact the crypto markets, the possibility of buying equities with Bitcoin, competing with Bitmex, and dealing with regulations.

Chieh is an entrepreneur and investor. Founder of several successful technology and finance companies. He has over eight years experiences in FX trading and derivative products. He also has extensive experience in blockchain and one of the early blockchain evangelists in the professional consulting space. Throughout his career, Chieh has worked in China, Hong Kong, U.K, U.S, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Chieh has a degree in Computer Science from Cal Poly Pomona, California, US.

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