Cathy Zhu

Cathy Zhu CEO BW: Competitive Challenges Impacting Crypto Exchanges

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Eric Sciberras
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Cathy Zhu is CEO of crypto exchange BW. In this chat we discuss the high efficiency of business professionals in China, the goals of the Chinese government, day-to-day life running a crypto exchange, the current challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges in a highly competitive market, the difference between fake and real trading volumes, crypto derivatives, decentralized exchanges, exchange tokens like BNB, and a robot waiter serving Chinese hot pot.

Cathy Zhu started trading cryptocurrencies in 2015. She has extensive experience in the corporate world working with HP and also with crypto exchanges Digifinex, ZBG, and now BW. She is a strategy development professional with a focus on business operation and business development. She speaks four languages.

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